Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OH my Goodness!!!

I haven't updated this puppy in a long time!!!! I will in the next few days!! There has been alot going on in the last little while!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TJMaxx update

Ok so I got hired at TJMaxx the end of September. I so love it there. I really enjoy all the people I work with and over all I think it is a great company to work for.. I am working part time and they were working around my colorguard schedule which was awesome because I love teaching. The store is really busy all the time and I love when it is because it makes my time go by fast. We are getting into the Christmas season. Good deals, but not looking forward to the crabby people. But what else is new when you work in customer service you have to deal with crabby people. I dont really mind it so much anymore. Ok wait so maybe I do, I guess I just tend to ignore some of them. (hehe) Anyway... I will post more about other stuff... I just felt like i needed to post something because I hadn't in so long!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a while!!!

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It has been a while since I have posted anything...... Sorry!!! Averi is getting so big. She turned 1 on July 19. Kyle and I were out of town on her birthday so we did her party a week later. (She doesnt know the difference) It was fun, just a little party in our back yard. I think she had fun..... She of course got cake everywhere, then Kyle went to give her a bath to wash off the cake and she broke out into a rash from the icing. But luckily it went away with in like 4 hours. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it but I didn't!!!! Averi is talking up a storm. She says lots of things and is starting to mimic what people do.... She is getting so tall(thanks Kyle). I mean she always has been but it is really showing now!!!

After being off for 2 months I had gotten a job a Big O Tires... Yeah not my favorite job, I was there for about 6 weeks and then I quit the other day because I did get a job at TJ Maxx. I am excited. I am going to be working part time!!!I I am super excited to start working for them. Anyways I will post more later!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Time Flies

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I cannot believe in 2 weeks Averi is going to be 1!!!! Where does the time go, no one will ever know. She has grown so much I just can't believe my eyes!!!! It was like yesterday I was in the hospital waiting to meet her. What a wonderful baby she has been. I have no complaints on how good she is. Sometimes I feel like she has my dad in her saying "be good for your mommy and daddy, I love them very much and they deserve a good baby!!!" Which is good because in the last 7 months Kyle and I have been thru alot. With him getting diagonsed with Crohn's and all. I remember that day in October, she rolled over, I got it on video and it really brought me to tears because I was so proud of her. In November she got her first tooth right after Thanksgiving and then they just started to come all at once it seemed like and now she has 8. In Feburary we were at my cousins birthday party and we were really trying to get Averi to crawl. We just put something out in front of her and she wanted it so bad that she just went for it. It took her a few times but she got it down pat, there was no stopping her now!!! In April she started to walk. Kyle and I had worked with her every night. There were times when she got frusterated but she didn't want to quit. I mean it started with walking along the couch and then she would take a few steps away from the couch and then fall. My little girl just never gave up. Now she is almost 1 and I can't even keep up with her!!!!! She melts my heart every day!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will post later

I know i haven't posted in a while. I will post more in the next few days!!!!! I am a little behind!!!! HEHE

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So the liquidation process is going fairly well. They decided to take me off the sales floor and put me as a fixture selling associate. Well its going well all but the fixtures are not going anywhere. The liquidator "Steve" well he kinda sets the prices of the fixtures, well no one is buying them because they are too high priced. But yet he tells me and the other guy I am working with "Brian" that we really need to get on our game and start selling the fixtures. But he wont let us knock the prices down. I mean yeah he does say "work a deal with them" well honestly I really dont think that the deal I work with them is probably the deal he would like, but I look at it as if they are going to buy it for my deal its less for us to have to worry about. I mean I don't GIVE it to them but I think that they are getting a pretty good deal.
Our fixture area is a complete disaster but we have no room for the fixtures and I get in trouble because I am standing around talking, (what can I say I am a social butterfly) and Steve says "If you have nothing to do then you could go and make the fixture area shoppable!" Well the only problem is WE HAVE NO ROOM!!!!!! They just keep bringing these huge fixtures back to us and we have to cram them into a spot it will fit well then you can't get around to see the other fixtures. UGH!!!! What did I get myself into? I really enjoy it but at the same time, Steve comes off as a jerk. He seems like he expects you to know everything and then when I tell him I am sorry for bothering him, he says "your not a bother." Unfortunatly he makes me feel that way, or the fact that he words things so it sounds like you are stupid or something. I dont know. I guess you could say I am a little intimidated. I am frusterated too!!!! Oh well that is life, he is going to walk away from this with a job and us without one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teaching Averi early!!

So Kyle and I had picked Averi up from my mom's house as she was watching her while we went to my work party. So we had gotten home and we were playing with Averi for a bit before we decided to give her a bath. I had decided that I was going to wait and change her diaper until the bath water was ready so that I wouldn't waist a diaper. Well Kyle had went and started the bath, and I got Averi all ready and she knows when its bath time because she crawls to the bath room. Its the cutest thing to see a little bare bum hurrying to the bath room. Well Kyle had put her in the tub and was playing with her for while then I reminded him that he needed to call his mom to see if she could watch her for a little bit tomorrow. Well he was talking on the phone and playing with Averi and having a great time. Well he had gotten off the phone and, I was in the kitchen and i hear Kyle say " Averi, you are such a little turd" and I had said " why" then he told me that she had pooped in the tub. I just chuckled because it isn't the first time she has done that. So I go in the bathroom and Kyle has her sitting on the toilet and sure enought there was a little turd in the tub!!! She seems to know when to poop because its always in the tub!!! Gosh darnit!!!! So then Kyle is holding Averi and he is thinking really hard. He decides that he is going to finish her bath in the morning because it was late and he needed to clean the tub before putting her back in the tub!!!! She seems to think that it is funny when she poops during bath time!! In a way it is but you really can't help but laugh!!! She is going to hate these pictures when she gets older!!!! I love my little girl tho!!!!